Small Businesses on Social Media: What You Can Do to Stand Out from the Crowd

It is estimated that over three billion people use social media worldwide. To give you an idea of what kind of traffic this can generate, simply consider the following statistics for what is posted every minute. Around every 60 seconds, people will generate millions of Facebook posts, tens of thousands of Instagram images, and hundreds of thousands of tweets.

As you can see, it isn’t that difficult for your small business to get lost in all of this. It is especially apparent when you consider the multi-million marketing budgets that some of the bigger corporations have. Now, while all of this may seem rather bleak, you shouldn’t give up hope just yet.

Believe it or not, you can actually be heard even as a smaller company. To make sure that this happens for you, you should try to include the following tips in your marketing plan:

Get Some Assistance

One of the biggest issues that small businesses face is a fewer number of employees. Therefore, it is quite likely that you can’t actually hire another person to handle your social media plan. Even if you could, there is no guarantee that a single individual will be able to produce the kind of growth that you are hoping for.

This is why you may want to hire a social media marketing agency to handle such activities. When you do so, you will have an entire team at your disposal, all dedicated to boosting your followers and engagement. To add to this, such agencies provide you experts who know just how to come up with appropriate plans and strategies for your business.

Be Creative

Sure, this may sound like a rather vague statement to make. However, what it really means is – give people a reason to follow you. Remember, your potential followers probably have hundreds of other similar businesses that they can follow. So, why should they choose you?

Consider what kind of content you have to offer your followers, depending on your particular business. Now, examine what it is that your competitors are doing. Once you have done all of this, figure out how you can put a spin on what already exists. You may be able to manage this with the help of information, humour, or similar tactics.

Weave a Story

These days, people want to know what is behind the iron façade of a company. Part of this is to do with the ingenuity that has been rampant among brands. People want to be sure about who they are buying from and if these individuals can be trusted. At the same time, most followers want their favourite brands or businesses to feel more approachable.

A great way for you to do this is with the help of stories. In short, what is the story behind your company? One option for you is to constantly tie into the values or principles of your business into the content that you produce.

Another avenue that is becoming more popular is behind-the-scenes snippets. This is becoming especially commonplace thanks to features like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories. Here, you can add videos of your employees in the workplace, particularly on special days.

Have a Recurring Event

Once people have started following your account, you need to find a way to keep them coming back. An excellent idea for this is to have some kind of recurring event. You can have it either once a week or month, depending on what you have to offer.

So, what exactly will this recurring event consist of? Well, it can be anything from a look back at your best products to a question and answer session. The main goal here, though, is to make sure that your followers have something to look forward to, every so often.

Show Gratitude to Your Followers

Larger corporations can afford to take their followers for granted. After all, there is plenty more where they came from. You, of course, as a small business owner, don’t have that luxury. Thus, you should get into the habit of celebrating your followers whenever possible.

For instance, always make a big deal when you hit a landmark follower number, regardless of how insignificant it may seem. Of course, if you really want to make an impact, take things up a notch. You can start by recognising their tweets or posts. Also, when applicable, like or share content from their accounts as well.

If you are afraid of getting lost in a crowd of other businesses on social media, fear not. These tactics should help you to get recognised by the right people.


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