5 Effective Ways to Reduce Your Power Bill

There’s nothing more annoying than being slapped with a hefty power bill when you’re already struggling financially. It can take anyone a lot of time to recover from. Fortunately there are easy methods to cut down your daily energy usage. In this article, we’re going to be looking at five of the most effective ways.

Switch Off Lights That Are Not In Use

This is a common sense habit that can help you shave off a significant amount from your power bill. Children in particular tend to be neglectful about such things, so if you have kids, make sure that you enforce this habit. You’ll be surprised at just how much you save!

Additionally, if you’ve got light dimmers, make use of them. You don’t always need to have the lights burning at full intensity. Try bringing them down to a lower but still comfortable setting.

Unplug Appliances That Are Not In Use

Did you know that a lot of electronic devices still use up power when they’re turned off? The only way to prevent them from sucking up excess energy is to unplug them whenever you’re done using them. While you can’t unplug essential devices like your refrigerator, there’s no reason why your computer or TV should remain plugged.

Invest In a Tesla Powerwall

Solar panels are a great long-term solution for cutting down on your power bill. In fact, it can completely eliminate any monthly power costs. In addition to solar panels, a Tesla powerwall can help you take your home completely off the grid. It stores the excess energy that your solar panels are unable to absorb and stores it for later use. This way, you can always have power without relying on the fossil-fuel generated electricity that your local power company provides.

With a Tesla Powerwall Gold Coast residents can keep their homes powered at all times, even during heavy storms and power line failures.

Reduce Air Conditioner Use

Air conditioners tend to draw up a lot of power, resulting in expensive monthly bills. Living in Australia, air conditioners can seem like a necessity, especially during the scorching summer months. However, when it’s cooler we should make every effort to reduce their use. For instance, fans are great low-power alternatives that can you help you cool and help you save lots of money in the process.

In addition, if you take some minor measures to cool the house, then you can avoid air conditioner use even further. For instance, you could install blinds to block out the sunlight and heat. During night time, you should consider opening up your windows and letting cool air in. However, you must make sure to shut off these windows in the morning in order to keep warm air out, allowing the interior to stay cool for longer.

Configure Your Computer’s Power Settings

Computers draw up a lot of power every time you use them. If you’ve got a powerful gaming rig, then it’s going to eat up way more energy than the average laptop. Hence, we recommend perusing through your computer’s settings and enabling any power-saving features.

And there you have it- five effective ways to reduce your power bill.


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